Power Controls

Three Phase Power regulators

Three-phase power regulators or stabilisers are specific electrical devices designed to maintain a stable and consistent output power in a three-phase electrical system, regardless of fluctuations in the input voltage.

The working principle of a Three-phase power regulator is to control and adjust the output power to maintain a stable and consistent level, even when the input voltage from the utility grid fluctuates.

The amount of output power can be controlled manually by the operator through the front panel, remotely by means of dedicated input or remotely by means of an external controller providing required analogue signal.

Setting can be carried out through the front panel or remotely through the serial communication.


Main functions of power regulators can be resumed as follows:

  • Power Regulation:  The amount of output power is controlled by means of the external input and is maintained as stable as possible around the requested set value
  • Voltage Regulation:  ensuring the output voltage remains within specified limits.
  • Protection Against Voltage Variations:protect electrical and electronic equipment from voltage fluctuations, such as spikes, sags, surges, and brownouts.
  • Voltage Balancing:In three-phase systems, it is essential to balance the voltage across all three phases to prevent equipment damage and ensure proper operation.
  • Voltage Monitoring: Some voltage stabilizers offer voltage monitoring features, allowing users to track the input and output voltages.
  • Time Delay: Voltage stabilizers may include time delay features to prevent immediate restarts of equipment after a power outage. This helps avoid overloading the equipment and stabilizer when power is restored.
  • Surge Suppression: Some stabilizers come with built-in surge suppression capabilities to protect equipment from transient voltage spikes caused by lightning or other external factors.
  • Bypass Capability:Some voltage stabilizers feature a bypass mode, which allows the electrical system to switch to the grid power in case of stabilizer failure or maintenance, ensuring continuous operation.