WILKTRONICS is specialised in designing and manufacturing Industrial Optical Sensors, both Photoelectric and Glass Fiber types.

Providing high-quality and reliable optical sensors for various industries and sectors, such as automation, communication, environmental monitoring and energy generation is the main goal.

The range features Diffusive and Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensors, as well as Diffusive and Through Beam Glass Fiber Sensors.

What differentiates WILKTRONICS products is the availability, besides the standard plastic type of also the Metal Reinforced Glass Fiber type designed to be deployed in harsh environments.

Glass Fiber sensors are suitable to be used on those applications where it is necessary to reach machine areas where it would be impossible to install a standard Photosensor or where the available room for installation is extremely limited. Glass Fiber sensors are able to send signals over very long distances.

WILKTRONICS also produces Sensors for Renewable energy applications, such as Wind Sensors and Pyranometers.

Wind sensors measure the speed of wind and can protect renewable energy production devices from dangerous high winds.

Pyranometers measure the solar radiation received by a surface and help to determine if the amount of Energy product by a PV plant is coherent with the sun irradiation hence helping to detect possible plant failures.