Industrial Shields PLCs are compatible with different industrial communication protocols such as Modbus, SMQTT, OPC UA or Ethernet/IP, and can be programmed with standard languages such as C/C ++, Python or Java.

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Open-source technology  promotes the implementation of Industrial IoT standards and protocols that help devices communicate with one another.

Adoption of open-source IoT frameworks involves no costs at all, as these are free for use. This encourages the community and organisations to implement IoT without any hesitation.

Open-source code from the community helps in building newer applications, leading to more innovation and agility. The developers are then able to build different products, which will be interoperable across different Oss.

The use of open-source APIs for the IoT framework offers a common gateway for different software, hardware and systems to communicate with one another.

An open-source IoT framework offers a wide range of libraries and open-source hardware like Raspberry Pi and Arduino, ensuring that companies remain on the cutting-edge of technology by using different open-sourced tools to customise IoT platforms.