2 sizes

M-Duino PLCs integrate 2 original ARDUINO hardwares, one is Leonardo, up to 20 I/Os and the other is Mega up tu 58 I/Os


They can be connected to external world in many ways through one of the available built-in interfaces. The smaller size can interface to the external world with a few industrial protocols, besides the Input and Ouputs: RS485, RS 232, SPI, I2C, USB and Modbus RTU.

Te bigger size in addition to the above ones also features DALI and LoRa.

Connection means both hardwired or wireless such as WiFi or GPRS on the small size whereas on the “Mega” also Ethernet LE Bluetooth are available.


Programming can be carried out, through the USB Port on both families, with the standard Arduino PLC IDE, free downloadable, software platform using IEC 61131-3 Standard Language, boosting applications into the Industry 4.0 control system.

Wilktronics will provide full support, required tools, drivers and information, for all installation issues.

Inputs and Outputs

I/Os can be selected among Digital, Analog or Relay.

  • Digital/Analog (3 of which PWM ) out 70mA max, Galvanic insulation and FW diode for relays.
  • Relay out 5A @ 220Vdc NO, voltage free contacts
  • Inputs 7 to 24Vdc galvanic insulated
  • An/Dig Inputs 0 to 10Vdc galvanic insulated