Monitoring & Data Logging


The DPY351 is a rugged and versatile multifunction display that allows you to monitor, configure and modify ADELsystem devices connected to the ADELBUS Network.

It features a 3.5″ wide-angle display with high brightness that allows operation in any condition
Its Intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a clear and intuitive interface
Equipped with Ethernet interface input, it allows configuration and monitoring of all devices connected to ADELbus using SNMP and Modbus TCP protocols
It is possible to connect up to 30 devices simultaneously Monitor.


Working environments such as those in industry are complex and demanding. You have to manage and follow the workflow, every step has to be under control. It is therefore important that any indication of value, status or alarm signal is clear and easily recognisable.

The DPY353 is a small controller that monitors the status of the safety DC-UPS. It is clearly and intuitively connected so that an accurate picture of the system situation can be presented. DPY353 monitors all battery types: AGM (Open Lead Acid and Sealed Lead Acid), Gel, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion.


through the ADELBus network (Adel System network) it manages all the
connected devices:

– CBI device charge states
– Main CBI condition or Mack Up
– Fault alarm
– Diagnostic function
– Battery Charging Status (SOC)
– Charging current


ADELView System is a PC-based software developed to monitor all important device parameters in real time. A simple and intuitive user interface allows monitoring of battery parameters, load power, temperature sensor, network presence, and all alarm and diagnostic flags. All functions are displayed on a single screen.

ADELView App, a tablet application, you can view real-time data stored on your device.

ADELView Cloud, a suite available for all customers. Main function as a data logger for all parameters from connected devices. Everything is available for free download on the Web page.

ADELView Config:

  • Interface that allows application engineers to configure the system.
  • Customize the battery charge curve
  • Set alarm thresholds, configure parameters
  • Customer demos



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