WILKTRONICS Power Regulators

PRT30L series

The PRT30L series is a universal three-phase power regulator that provides stable and efficient output power to loads through various control methods:

  • 0-20mA or 4-20mA current
  • 0-5V or 0-15V voltage
  • potentiometer,
  • RS485 Modbus RTU serial communication input

In addition, different output methods, such as for instance zero crossing or phase shifting, are integrated for different load types and power grid environments, enabling the product to adapt to complex application environments.

It has a wide range of applications in industrial fields such as nuclear power, vacuum, glass, packaging machinery, and kilns

Solid-State Electronics

WILKTRONICS power regulators use solid-state electronic components, such as thyristors or IGBTs, to electronically regulate the output voltage. These components can quickly adjust the voltage in response to variations in the input voltage.

Feedback Loop:

The stabilizer operates in a closed-loop control system, continuously monitoring the output and making adjustments as needed to maintain it at the desired level.

Output Voltage Stabilization:

As the stabilizer makes adjustments, the output voltage gradually stabilizes, remaining within a predefined range around the reference voltage.

Continuous Monitoring:

The stabilizer continues to monitor the input voltage and output voltage in real-time, making rapid adjustments as necessary to counteract fluctuations and maintain a steady output voltage.

PRT30L series Datasheet (hyperlink al datasheet)